After over 15 years of intense clinical and laboratory research in delivering the best possible brain nutrients for improved focus, concentration, memory, and calm and clinically treating and following 1000’s of participants of all ages with Nurture and Clarity, we released a new product in the USA last year called NewBrain® – a 100% natural, safe, herbal Quantum Leap to optimal brain effectiveness with proven results!

The most exciting part is that NewBrain® is not only for children. 
NewBrain® helps ALL ages improve focus, concentration, memory, and calm!

 NewBrain® has shown awesome results for kids, teens, college students, middle agers, and even older folks are reporting memory improvements, better clarity, and less “senior-brain-fog”. It’s amazing for ALL AGES!
There’s more good news…You spoke and we listened. New Brain® is in a specially-formulated, easy-to-swallow, veg-capsules, uniquely designed for optimal absorption. That means it is so much simpler to benefit from our new, improved, brain nourishing formula. No more measuring, diluting or mess because now with NewBrain® you just swallow a capsule! If swallowing is a problem, the capsule can be easily popped open and mixed into apple sauce, yoghurt, cereal, etc. 
All possible allergy sensitivities have been removed, so everyone can benefit.
And now for the best news of all.. the product has just become available on and as a valued user of Nurture & Clarity®, we would like to offer you the product at a special promotion price of 33% off on Amazon so for every 2 bottles you buy you will get the 3rd bottle free!

So for a very limited time you can get NewBrain® at half price and you and your family can start experiencing the clarity, the focus, and the memory improvement that comes with NewBrain®.

Our NewBrain® One-Time, Special Launch, 50% Half-Price offer will only be available for the next two weeks only.  Why are we doing this? Because we value you – and we value your opinion!

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied, please return the bottle to us for a FULL no quibble refund.

Here are a few of our testimonials already:

“Within several weeks the positive results were undeniable. The dosage of Ritalin® my daughter was taking was gradually reduced as her achievements improved. Friends starting coming over to play with her as she became calm, self confident, focused, popular, and – most importantly – happy”. HJ Mom

“I was pretty worried about my forgetfulness. After a few weeks on NewBrain ® I feel like I have a brain again. I’m no longer walking into rooms trying to remember what I came for. I used to have super focus. I feel it’s coming back. I’m no longer terrified of dementia, or worse. I’m sleeping better too.” – Sophia, Aged 65.

We are so excited about the results of NewBrain® and know you will be too when you try it. If you have any suggestions for getting the word out, please get in contact with us – we always love to hear from you! Simply click here for our contact page!