What is NewBrain® ?

NewBrain®is scientifically proven to help enhance attention span, focus on the task at hand rather than feeling spaced out, increase learning abilities, improve sleep, increase memory retention and feel internally calm, less restless and happier. How does NewBrain® work? NewBrain® is non addictive. Rather than stimulating the brain temporarily like many drugs and supplements, it […]

Brain Enhancing Diet Tips

Just as some foods make the brain “foggy,” other foods can enhance and optimize brain performance. Here are some things to eat to feed the brain… FOR BREAKFAST SERVE HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARBOHYDRATE MEALS. Breakfast cereals are mostly carbohydrate and sugar, which is a bad combination for the ADHD brain. And many children are allergic […]

Help for ADHD – How It Started

NewBrain® is in a class of its own. It is not just another supplement. NewBrain® was created – inspired – by the personal story of a very unhappy first-grader. As the first grader became a happy second-grader, and eventually a successful and confident young woman, her mom wanted to help others! That’s how it all […]