The NewBrain® story started over 15 years ago when Dr. Miriam Katz, head pediatric psychiatrist at Sheba Medical Center, began searching for natural alternatives to the ADHD drugs that either didn’t help, or had terrible side effects.

A research team was formed to study legendary plants, revered for centuries to enhance focus, attention, memory, and calm, without side effects. This dream research team consisted of medical researchers and a group of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbalists. One of the herbalists had treated children and adults with ADHD, focus, memory and hyperactivity problems for over 20 years with significant clinical success.

A double-blind randomized study of an initial formula was conducted at Sheba Medical Center by Dr. Katz, involved 120 subjects, and yielded impressive results. The findings were published in the Journal of Attention Disorders (“A Compound Herbal Preparation (CHP) in the Treatment of Children With ADHD: A Randomized Controlled Trial”).

Since then we have continued to follow the progress of many hundreds of children, adults and seniors. We have continued to study, perfect and streamline the herbal formula that has now evolved into NewBrain®.  We continue to research and perfect NewBrain® to provide the best possible brain-boosting formula, at the best possible quality.