What sets NewBrain apart from other herbal remedies for ADD and ADHD?

So glad you asked!

1. Documented Proof

Our product has been scientifically proven in a published hospital study demonstrating effectiveness as an alternative treatment for memory, focus and clarity in youths with no side effects. The double blind randomized study of our original formula has been published in the Journal of Attention Disorders.

2. Proven success for over 15 years

New Brain Study Enhancer has over 15 years of documented clinical success and thousands of very happy users. Our research team consists of medical researchers and a group of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbalists who together have over 35 years experience of treating children and adults with ADHD, focus, memory and hyperactivity problems with significant clinical success.

3. Proven herbs that work synergistically well together

The individual herbs that make up New Brain®, have not only been proven individually for centuries, we have also taken great care to ensure that each individual herb works well together with the other herbs AND they also combine forces to help normalize brain chemistry and actually stimulate the growth of neurons (brain cells).

4. Our product has zero side effects

We are actually shocked that other herbal remedies contain ingredients that are known to have possible serious side effects and drug interactions such as St.John’s wort and Gingko etc. The warnings say it all!!.

5. Our product is truly 100% Natural

Many herbal remedies use the term “natural”, when actually they contain pharmaceutical grade additives like DMAE (a prescription DRUG in Europe) and Huperazine A (produced pharmaceutically), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and more.

6. Our product has the highest quality ingredients

Our herbs contain only the purest and highest grade of ingredients, carefully sourced from around the world and are Kosher certified, FDA certified and made in the USA at a GMP Facility for top quality. In addition there is no gluten, dairy, eggs, soya, wheat, fish or nuts in our products!

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