Help for ADHD – How It Started

NewBrain® is in a class of its own. It is not just another supplement.
NewBrain® was created – inspired – by the personal story of a very unhappy first-grader.
As the first grader became a happy second-grader, and eventually a successful and confident young woman, her mom wanted to help others!
That’s how it all began.

The NewBrain® story began when the six year-old daughter of our top researcher was diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin. The poor kid was suffering with terrible side effects. But life was just as bad without it. Tears, tantrums and misery in the classroom, and home. No friends, school a blur of pain, and mom desperate and helpless.
“She became either a zombie or in horrible melt-down!” said her mom.

Mom was desperate enough to take her daughter to a TCM herbal practitioner with over 25 years of treating ADHD in kids and adults, with secret, ancient, herbal formulas containing legendary herbs, revered for centuries, in multiple cultures, to boost mental power, concentration, memory, calm, and focus.

As the little girl took the herbs prescribed, within a few weeks there was greater focus, longer attention span, less melt-downs and classroom mishaps. Home life gradually was more pleasant and calm. Within a few months she was able to lower the Ritalin, slowly, until she was totally off of it. She was happy again and even making friends.

After her daughter’s remarkable progress, Mom began to research the herbs in the formula, and was so amazed she opened up a clinic to treat children with ADHD and other learning disorders with herbal formulas, with amazing success.

She shared her results with Dr. Miriam Katz MD, head of the pediatric ADHD clinic at Sheba Medical Center Hospital. Dr. Katz had been searching for alternatives to medication for the ADHD diagnosed children she was trying to help.

Together they formed a research team to study the possibility of finding a natural, safe alternative that really worked. The resulting study was approved by the Tel-Hashomer Hospital Helsinki ethics committee, and the Israeli Health Department, as safe, and succeeded beyond all expectation. ln fact, the original herbal formula showed equal or better results than drugs like Ritalin. The results were published and acclaimed. Once available to the public, our original formula became a popular best-seller, recommended by doctors, parents and therapists globally.

Well, after over 15 years of intense clinical, and laboratory research we are now proud to introduce NewBrain® – a Quantum Leap to optimal brain effectiveness, with proven results!

What is NewBrain® ?
In the 12 years since the published study, we have clinically treated and followed 1000’s of participants of all ages. We studied the results and now have formulated a new laser-focused version, that REALLY works. That perfected, new formula is NewBrain®.
The most exciting part is that NewBrain® is not only for children!
NewBrain® helps ALL ages improve focus, concentration, memory, and calm!

NewBrain® has shown awesome results for kids, teens, college students, middle agers, and even older folks. Yes, seniors, especially, are reporting memory improvements, better clarity, and less “senior-brain-fog”. It’s amazing for All ages. Now, NewBrain® will benefit anyone seeking greater focus, concentration, memory, and calm!

There’s more good news…
NewBrain® is now in a new, super-easy delivery system – specially-formulated, easy-to-swallow, veg-capsules, uniquely designed for optimal absorption. That means it is so much simpler to benefit from our new, improved, brain nourishing formula. NewBrain® comes in an attractive, compact bottle with 90 easy-to-swallow, veg-capsules. No more measuring, diluting or mess.

With NewBrain® you just swallow a capsule! If swallowing is a problem, no worry!
The capsule can be easily popped open and mixed into apple sauce, yoghurt, cereal, etc.
All possible allergy sensitivities have been removed, so everyone can benefit.

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